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May Crowning - All Saints Catholic School

Friday, May 14, 2021
Location(s): All Saints Catholic School

It is a Catholic tradition to honor Mary, our Mother, during the month of May by placing on her statue a crown of flowers. 
This lovely devotional ceremony is a favorite tradition at All Saints. The May Crowning gives the children an opportunity to especially honor the Blessed Mother of Jesus, and to give thanks to her for bringing our Savior into the world. 

The May Crowning service is led by our students and are students that are preparing for their first holy communion.  
The crowning ceremony takes place in the church, where a special statue of Mary is placed for the occasion.
The children dress their best for this special day, and line up for a procession to the statue of Mary. 
Each student preparing for first holy communion carries a flower to place in front of Mary; and one child is chosen to place the
crown of flowers on Mary's head.