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Top Reasons to Celebrate Catholic Schools

A young Catholic school girl smiles while playing.

Opening the doors of truth, beauty, and goodness — Catholic school educators in the Diocese of Fort Worth empower students and their families by proclaiming the faith, celebrating values, and ministering to the spiritual, academic, social, cultural, and physical needs of diverse communities.

Below you will find the top reasons to celebrate Catholic Schools and the wonderful gifts our students can offer our communities, country, and world.

Check mark icon People of Faith
Our students are able to articulate the teachings of the Catholic faith, exemplify the core values, and put these learnings into practice.
Check mark icon Moral Decision Makers
Our students consider the moral and ethical implications of decisions, respects others, and chooses to do what is right.
Check mark icon Grateful People
Our students appreciate the beauty in the world, the value of each and every life, and the blessings that have been bestowed upon them.
Check mark icon Culturally Evolved Members of The Community
Our students exhibit global awareness and cultural sensitivity, and support the Church’s teachings regarding social justice.
Check mark icon Academically Proficient
Our students are well prepared for higher education.
Check mark icon Effective Communicators
Our students are active listeners who seek diverse perspectives, and expresses their own views with confidence, clarity and purpose.
Check mark icon Creative Problem Solvers
Our students apply ingenuity, critical thinking and situational awareness to solve problems and serve others.
Check mark icon Strong Leaders
Our students perform at the highest level, are accountable, compassionate towards others, and inspire these attributes in those around them.
Check mark icon Life-Long Learners
Our students have a continuous learning mindset, and seek to improve and evolve throughout their lifetime.



Dana Cox
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

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